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The real cost of Water

Particulate is one of the most common contaminants found in diesel fuel. However it is water (free-standing and emulsified) that is far more destructive. Of the two types of water, emulsified water is the most harmful — and the most difficult to remove.

If emulsified water gets into any part of an emergency generator it can cause irreparable damage. This puts the generator at risk of not being able to run when it’s needed most — in an emergency.

The problem with water

Both ULSD and bio-blended ULSD absorb water and deteriorate which leads to fuel decay. However, bio-blended ULSD does so at a much faster rate. And as biodiesel concentrations become even higher in bio-blended ULSD (as they are meant to do over the next few years) the emulsified water becomes harder to remove. It is critical to get rid of all of the water from diesel fuel, especially the emulsified water.

Acetic Acid

A second and important reason to keep diesel fuel dry and free from water is to prevent acetic acid from forming. Acetic acid is so corrosive that in just 6 months storage tanks are showing the kind of wear expected from equipment that’s over 2 years old.

Acetic acid also damages the engine. It’s during system downtimes (when back-up generators lay idle) that the greatest damage occurs. A single use of a generator contaminated with emulsified fuel draws the corrosive acetic acid deep into the engine where it begins to eat away at delicate internal parts.

The Battelle Report

The Battelle Report investigated the severe and rapid corrosion associated with ULSD. To prevent corrosive damage they recommend
1) drying the fuel and 2) removing water continuously. The current method for doing this involves several steps:

  • pumping out the old fuel
  • thoroughly cleaning storage tanks and fuel lines
  • replenish with clean, dry fuel

The cost in man-hours, system downtime and wasted fuel is enormous. And since none of these steps does anything to address the source of the problem (preventing emulsified water) the cycle is endless.

DieselPure removes all forms of water including emulsified water. It can even rejuvenate old or contaminated fuel. Since DieselPure continuously filters out water, fuel never needs to be discarded and can be kept indefinitely.

DieselPure is tested and proven protection against the destructive effects of water — which is an enormous cost savings in the long run.