• SAE J1488 ver 2010 compliant

  • The only certified filtration technology with SmartSponge®


Need an SAE J1488_201010 Solution?

DieselPure™ filters are specifically designed to manage entrained and emulsified water in ULSD fuel and biodiesel blends. In January 2010, EPA regulations came into effect that drastically removed sulfur (a natural lubricant for the fuel) from the refining process of diesel. Additives to compensate for the sulfur were then required.
These additives, including biodiesel, turned out to be a surfactant. Surfactants stabilize water in the fuel, allowing the water to bind with the fuel so tenaciously, that traditional fuel filters proved ineffective.

Since ULSD is highly hygroscopic, meaning it attracts and absorbs water from the atmosphere, the addition of additives or biodiesel for lubrication further compounds the problem by making the shelf life of the fuel unstable. Entrained water accelerates decay faster than the previous generation of sulfur-rich fuels. This increased biomass or sludge then becomes a direct threat to systems and equipment. The uptime of backup systems during a prolonged emergency is subsequently at greater risk. DieselPure™ filters tackle these issues by not only cleaning your fuel but by also cleaning your tanks as they operate. It is a complete solution to this problem.

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