In the Intertek lab test analysis, Jet A-1 fuel that was marked for disposal as hazmat material, was filtered with a DieselPure JetPure filtration system and then retested. The Jet A-1 was certified as usable after running through the JetPure filter. This means that hazmat Jet A fuel can now be recycled, rather than disposed of, thus representing a sustainable resource. Current certification is SAE J1488 (2010 Standard) for removal of emulsified water from Jet A. ASTM D3948 & D5452


The DieselPure JetPure filter is tested to surpass SAE J1488 (2010 Standard) certification for removal of emulsified water from Jet A fuel. In a single pass, the filter can effectively reduce free and emulsified water, extending the longevity of the fuel and protecting it from rapid deterioration normally associated with fuel storage. Further, independent testing has also shown the JetPure filter to take fully failed Jet A-1 fuel and rejuvenate it to pass ASTM D3948 and D5452 standards of acceptance for usability. ASTM D4807 testing
for particulate removal extends into the sub micron level. The water removal efficiency of the JetPure filter, along with its particulate scrubbing properties, is CBI’s primary interest. This process is part of DieselPure’s complete protection system to sustain Jet A fuel.

Micro-separometer rating (MSEP):

The MSEP is an indicator of fuel surfactancy by measuring the turbidity of the fuel after emulsified water is filtered through a coalescence filter, such as the DieselPure JetPure filter. It ranges from 00 to 100. The higher the number is, the clearer the filtered fuel. Clearer fuel results in the faster settling of coalesced water droplets. In the SAE J1488 lab test, the DieselPure JetPure filter was able to raise the MSEP from 74 to 85 by passing the Jet A fuel through the filter in a single pass. This means that the fuel is clearer and is rated better able to shed water, if required, while in use.


Refineries extract more fuel from a barrel of crude using new technologies, as well as making it more environmentally friendly by reducing sulfur content. However, this technology has resulted in the water binding more fiercely with the fuel, making traditional filtration systems less efficient at removing emulsified water. The DieselPure JetPure filter has proven to be highly efficient (100%) at removing emulsified water from Jet A fuel. SAE J1488 ver 2010 testing on Jet A lab results available.